“On behalf of the Carnegie Hero Funds World Committee, let me express our sincere appreciation for all of the hard work Bart has put into organizing our meeting in The Hague on Oct 5. Everything went very smoothly, due in large part to his eye for detail and anticipation of the needs of the attendees. It has always been a pleasure working with Bart, made all the easier by his fluency in English, promptness and thoroughness in communication. Also, I appreciated the personal attention he gave us after hours, sharing his wealth of knowledge of his native city and country. He is easy to be with, and made us feel very much at home.”

Walter F. Rutkowski
President and Secretary
436 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1101
Pittsburgh, PA

“To work with Bart is a refreshing and energising experience. The combination of professionalism, ‘can do’ approach, thorough briefing and attention to detail enables both constructive communication and positive outcomes. He is equally at home in professional environments from Europe to New York.”

Nora Rundell
Chief Executive
Carnegie Dunfermline & Hero Fund Trusts
Andrew Carnegie House