Curriculum Vitae of Bart Brands

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I am fluent in Dutch and English and have strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I am capable of working on my own in the fields of security, sales, communication and public policy but believe that achieving goals requires a team effort and engagement of all involved. I have a knack for cutting to the core of challenges and thrive to find solutions in challenging situations. I enjoy working hard, working with people and I am dedicated to go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results.

Working for the Dutch Carnegie Hero Fund as a Fundraiser, Communications and PR advisor I was the main organiser of the first National Hero Day in 2015. I organised meetings, was in charge of press releases and PR policy of the Dutch Hero Fund and also the first line of communications with Hero Funds around the world.

As an intern at the Ministry of Justice I was able to launch an awareness campaign and be part of organizing of one of the largest anti-terrorism summits in Dutch history. In doing so I have passed the highest integrity check conducted in the Netherlands by the Dutch secret service (AIVD).

As owner of ’82 Advise I am available for both private companies and political parties to provide advice on public policies, security, lobbying and training on how to use debating skills in every way one might need them.

As a former policy advisor and elected representative of both the The Hague City Council as well as the Provincial Parliament and a spokesman for Security, Housing, Agriculture & Water management I would like to take this opportunity to put my skills and passion to good use and to take my career a step forward.



The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor Applied Safety and Security Studies. Completed. Diploma 2009

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor Public Administration and Management. (switched to Applied Safety and Security Studies)

Mondriaan University College, Laboratory Technician Technology level 3. Completed. Diploma 2002


Professional experience

Owner ’82 Advise:

Policy and security advisor for companies and political parties.

Communications and Fundraising advisor at Carnegie Hero Fund Netherlands.

Spokesperson, Communications advisor and Fundraiser.

Owner Brands Advisor Public Policy.

Policy advisor for private companies and political parties, Lobbyist

Member of the Provincial Parliament of South Holland.

Spokesperson Agriculture & Water, Economy and regional security

Member of The Hague City Council.

Spokesperson Public Policy, Police and security, Spatial planning and regional development, Building and social housing

Policy advisor for member Dutch Parliament.

Specialist in Environment / Climate, Traffic and Water management

Junior IT-Auditor at Duijnborgh Audit


Publications / press appearances

As securityexpert:

As spokesperson Carnegie Herofund Netherlands:



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